Hasselblad 500c ILFORD DELTA 100 120

has shot three movies with this nice camera now. And I have to say that again. It's very fun to shoot 6x6 pictures. That's all else you have to look for in a picture.

Velkommen til noisefilm


Hasselblad 500c.

I have shot my first film in my new Hasselblad 500c. Hope you like it

Analog vibes in Cold Hawini X Klitmøller

Shot with Fuji 6x9 GWII Tesas Lecia. and Nikon f3
Surfer dude Kim  Hi Hansen.
Klitmøller - Denmark

Edit by: Nick Dehn


Sophie Feline.

Model - Sophie Feline
Shot with my Fuji GW690III Texas Leica.
Film - ILFORD DELTA 100 120

Favorite Quality

Absolutely Favorite Quality. This camera has surprised me for the start. For the first time I developed a movie and so the quality when I scanned the image was convinced.

Fuji GW690III Texas Leica. 90mm1: 3.5
Strep is from barton1972.com Braided Style - Prime

Emliy - Texas Lecic

I shot my new Fuji 6x9 GW690II today. And I'm totally crazy about the image quality. I'm looking forward to shooting a lot more with it
Model - Emliy Hurley 
Makeupartis - Lou Ditlevsen
Film - ILFORD DELTA 100 120

Fuji 6x9 Texas Leica

Fuji 6x9 GW690III texas leica
Film Ilford PAN.50

Trip to Cph

Shot with my nikon f3