Mathilde Ceylan 120 vibes

Jeg har skudt de her billeder med mit Mamiya RZ67 + Flash Nation PE380SG. 120 Film Portra400 & Ilford HP5 asa 400. Se mere af mit arbejde på

Analog street serie fra København

Billederne er skudt med mit Mamiya RZ67 og Yashica FX-1 begge to kamera hade Portra 400 i.


Jeg kom ud af døren på trods af det grå vejr!

New photo project

I live in an okay town right in the middle of Jutland / Silkeborg. There is not much happening here. So when I get home from my work in Aarhus, I'm a fashion photographer at Pieces - Bestseller. So I'm getting bored easily. So now I started a small photo project. Ghost town is my hometown. This is Part 1. Hope you like them. I shot the pictures with my Mamiya RZ67 film Fuji400h

Mamiya RZ67 + Ilford FP4

It's my first movie I've shot with my mamiya camera 6x7 format.
I shot a part with the Fuji GW690III which is 6x9 negative.
 The weather was not with me when I two an asa 125 in.
But got their pictures out of 10 shot as the RZ67 max can make. And crazy about the quality of the pictures.
And I'm looking forward to shooting a lot of pictures with it